In every category of the App Store, there best Book Apps for iPhone. Which one best meets your needs? Until you give yourself a chance to compare, you (2023)

In every category of the App Store, there best Book Apps for iPhone. Which one best meets your needs? Until you give yourself a chance to compare, you won’t know it. Even if you are an avid user of your preferred eBook platform, you can discover that the associated software is not flawless. It is, at best, almost ideal. And “almost” can be resolved by using additional apps that can perform tasks that your main app is unable to. Some of the best apps for iOS devices have partnered with public libraries. Consider reestablishing contact with your local public library if you want to read books without paying additional costs.

  1. Nook

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  2. Amazon Kindle

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  3. Google Play Books

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Find book apps that are tailored to your needs using the list below. Play around with each one for a while; you may download the majority of them at no cost. Although some offer in-app purchases or memberships, the free mode gives sufficient functions to let you choose. Once you’ve made a shortlist, resist the urge to choose the best app and discard the rest. Below we have mentioned some of the best book apps for iPhone.

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Best Book Apps for iPhone


The Nook reader app, developed by American bookseller Barnes & Nobles, provides a comparable digital reading experience to the Kindle. Due to Amazon’s market domination, Kindle is still more well-liked than Nook, but both the Apple and Android app stores have given Nook positive reviews. An online library with more than four million eBooks in various genres, magazines, comics, and graphic novels are supported by this mobile book app. Overall, this is one of the best book apps for iPhone that you can download.

Recommendation engine built into the book e-reader app. a large and diverse selection of fonts and page designs. There are choices for social sharing. synchronization between several gadgets For reading stories to children, use the “Read and record” option. can include notes, highlights, and bookmarks. can classify and organize your personal library.

Amazon Kindle

A fantastic e-reader app that simply links to your Amazon account is the free Kindle app for iOS. It does an excellent job of delivering eBooks, offers simple access to Amazon’s enormous library of digital books, and has a few extra features to make reading on the go more enjoyable. When the software first launches, lists are on the home screen. editors’ choices, top sellers, and excerpts of well-liked books are all accessible for review.

The books associated with your Amazon account are also displayed on the main screen, all organized in a 3D carousel layout. From here, you can click the book or open the inside to see more choices. go back to the book’s first page, to the page you last read it on, or take it off your device. You have a wonderful option to get Shelfari’s book attachments by using the long-click menu. Community-produced data known as book supplements are meant to give readers helpful information while they read. This is the best book apps for iPhone.


Goodreads provides you with the greatest platform for reading online with friends or syncing your Amazon Kindle books. The app caters to a community of readers that are enthusiastic about reading books in different genres. In fact, the majority of the listings you’ll find on the app come from member reviews and suggestions. The Goodreads app is free, yet it still has a lot to offer. This app distinguishes itself from many others by allowing users to evaluate books, indicating whether or not they are good reads. This is one of the best book apps for iPhone.

Its book-scanning function is intriguing! It enables you to read a book’s reviews on the app before purchasing it by scanning the bar code of a book from a store or library. Additionally, you may follow writers and other readers and interact with them through comments. You can even become friends with like-minded people. On Goodreads, books are displayed on shelves just like in actual libraries. And adding books to these shelves is as simple as tapping a book and selecting whether you’re reading it right now, are about to start reading it, or have finished it.

Apple Books

For iPad and other iOS devices, Apple Books provides a top-notch e-book reading and audiobook listening experience. The app has developed into a sophisticated reading app since it was first released as iBooks. But how does Apple Books compare to the wide variety of alternative e-book apps for iPad and iPhone?

The Apple Books app provides a flexible e-book reader in addition to having an online book store. For now, this is one of the best book apps for iPhone. Common text file types can be read using program like ePub and PDF. Apple Books can only read the Kindle format of electronic books. This adaptability is crucial because it gives you a variety of alternatives for reading information from various sources. If you like this app you can download it from official App Store.


Hoopla is yet another fantastic app to check out. Hoopla is a free programme that may be used to read library books, just like Libby. Users of Hoopla can access their local public library at any time. Users of Hoopla have access to not only audiobooks and eBooks but also comic books, movies, TV shows, magazines, and music on iOS devices. All that is required to access Hoopla’s extensive collection of resources is an active library card. For information about needed library cards, contact your neighbourhood branch.

The option to sync across devices and stream content immediately or download and save for later is one of Hoopla’s most exciting features. You can download the majority of titles to your iPhone and iPad. More locations than other digital library platforms, Hoopla offers significant content that is made freely available thanks to your neighborhood public library. The library catalogue determines the titles. Currently, this is the best book apps for iPhone you can check now.

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Google Play Books

The only software you need to purchase to access eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and manga is Google Play Books. Millions of top-rated best-selling eBooks, comics, manga, textbooks, and audiobooks are available. To read or listen to your book while on the go, download it. Indeed, books make excellent companions. To keep from being bored in our free time, we can use them. One of the best book apps for iPhone.

However, it might be extremely inconvenient to bring multiple volumes with you if you read a lot of novels, especially if you travel frequently. Thankfully, there is an app for Google Play Books. With this app, you may read numerous books by various authors on a single smartphone without having to carry around a lot of books. You also won’t have to worry about deciding which books to bring with you if you have a collection. You can access a large number, if not an infinite number of titles, with only one tap.


The next-generation method for organising and processing digital content is provided by Libby. First, it combines a book reader with an audiobook player because contemporary libraries offer both audiobooks and ebooks. Do you have any questions about how long it will take to link your local library account to the Libby app?

Finding your library card and downloading Libby from the App Store are the only things you need to do. Setting up is simple. OverDrive’s Libby will assist you in locating your library and logging in. The entire process takes only a few touches. A total of 2 million ebooks, audiobooks, and movies are available through OverDrive’s network of more than 40,000 libraries in 40 nations. This is one of the best book apps for iPhone you can install now.


The remarkable virtual library provided by the QuickReader app is excellent for use while travelling, commuting, or learning. One of the distinctive selling aspects of QuickReader is undoubtedly the availability of millions of eBooks. On the best book apps for iPhone, and on the other, it’s a tool for teaching you how to increase your reading speed.

It combines with iBookshelf and Instapaper to allow users to bookmark websites for later reading. Utilize online apps to their full potential to get the most out of your e-books each day. With the QuickReader app, you can completely customize your reading experience. As you monitor your progress, concentrate more on word fragments and eventually speed up your reading.


If you’re seeking for a range of content, Scribd is among the best book apps for iPhone you’ll find on the Android and Apple app stores. It gives new users a free trial period in addition to an ad-free experience. Millions of eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, comics, and sheet music for musicians are supported by the app.

large collection of music sheets. supports a document repository for case studies, reports from the government, and research. can alter the audiobook narration speed. Option to read or listen offline by downloading. setting a timer for sleep. can include bookmarks and notes. a decision between horizontal and vertical page scrolling


Some apps for reading books provide basic statistics that track your reading progress, how long it will take you to finish a book, and your reading pace. However, you should use a far more sophisticated software if you want to find out more about your reading preferences or stay motivated. Test Leio. It’s comparable to the Runkeeper app for bookworms. Its primary goal is to give you in-depth information about your reading habits and how they change over time. Overall, this is the best book apps for iPhone you can consider.

Your reading sessions can be timed, and they will be recorded on a reading calendar so you can view them over a longer period of time. You may specify how frequently you want to read each book using the Planner function, and the app will remind you to read if you want to keep on schedule. You can set a deadline for finishing a book with an even more potent tool. Simply enter the deadline, and the software will calculate how many pages and how long it will take you to finish by that time.

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Thanks to the best book apps for iPhone and digital libraries, you can have an entire library of book collections in your hands. There are no restrictions on what you can read on your iPhone if you’re a reader like me. These iOS applications have you covered for anything from downloading your favourite books, comics, and fiction to saving your collections offline.

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