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If you are a person who seeks to know what type of reading is the ideal, today in App Style we will see the Best Tests to find out what kind of books you likeand obtain the satisfaction of our self-knowledge in this type of literary situation.


  • 1 Test to recognize which books you like the most
    • 1.1 Reading test in Reading Fairies
  • 2 Test to know which reading attracts you the most
    • 2.1 Bright Side Test to find out what you like to read
    • 2.2 Reading according to personality -Test
  • 3 Conclusions
    • 3.1 Authors and literary genres
    • 3.2 What book to read according to Libropaths Test
    • 3.3 Do you like to read? Quiz to find out

Test to recognize which books you like the most

In this article we are going to highlight some tests that will guide you to find which literary genre is the most suitable for you and with which you can feel more comfortable and understand that it can immerse you in its world of letters and pages even if it is extensive and only understand the author and you!

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Test…. What is the genre that suits you the most? Test on literary genres
Your personality type will tell you which book will captivate you Literature test according to personality
TEST: WHICH BOOK SHOULD YOU READ NEXT? Test to know what to keep reading
test: Do you like to read? Test to find out if you like to read

The preferred type of reading is a study that emphasizes studying young people who are assumed to be regular readers and focuses on the idea of ​​knowing what type of reading they prefer for their leisure time and developed their own category system based on interests that have.

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According to the results obtained, 74% of young people enjoy fiction and literature. It is important to note that in this category literature is considered in its narrative variants, be it short stories or novels, poetry and theater or scripts.


  • This proportion is particularly noticeable among younger women (83%), even more so if this group is compared with older men (60%).
  • This forceful adherence of young people to fiction and literature is absolutely consistent with the records of the publishing industry, stating that the largest print runs correspond to the Literature category (27%) followed by Children’s and Youth books (24%).

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Indirectly, the predisposition of readers towards literature is confirmed through the variable ownership of books at home.

The graphic novel is not a reading option for young people, but if you focus on older women, it is observed that they were the only ones to choose it (4%). Regarding non-fiction genres, 2,5% of young readers choose essays as free time reading; the main readers of this genre are older men (5%) who statistically drive the category –younger men do not mention it, and women, in a very low proportion–.

3% of university students choose biography as free time reading. Men (6%) are five points higher than women, especially minors (8%); It can be said that older men choose the essay and the biography in similar proportions.

FANTASY: Vampires, werewolves, wizards, witches, fairies, and spells of all kinds. You fill your routine days with magical creatures to give them endless mystery and entertainment. Surely you have already read the entire Harry Potter saga and, obviously, also the Twilight one. Would you like to live in a world full of surprises and new situations that lead you to discover unthinkable things? Go ahead and keep creating with your imagination! Fantasy books are perfect for you.

POLICE: Surely you see all the series of investigations, murders and mysterious cases that need expert forensic police officers for their prompt resolution. Would you like to be one of them? Do you love to think of strategies to solve cases? You are clearly a fan of the police genre! Ideal to be the assistant of Sherlock Holmes or Harriet the spy.

NOVEL: Chapters that catch you and make you feel part of each story. If you like to read, enjoy words and find yourself immersed in a new world, then novels are your ideal genre. Long or short, there are all types and themes, so you can experiment with numerous copies, whether they are classic or modern.

ROMANCE: Do you live daydreaming and waiting for your prince charming? Do you love stories with a happy ending where love triumphs over all things? Without a doubt, the pages that will catch you the most are those of books full of romance. What if! You are addicted to love, so the Romeo & Juliet stories will fill your days with passion and emotion.

Scientific dissemination or technical-professional texts are particularly accepted among men (12,5%), who are four times the female proportion. It should be said that while in men there are no differences by age, in women there is an important distance – the older ones double the incidence of those under 25 years of age.

On the other hand, 7,5% of readers say they read self-help, spirituality and self-improvement; Precisely, reading self-help stands out among the female population (9%) compared to the male population (5%). Although specifically the number of young people who say they read religion and esotericism is very low, 5% of older men should be mentioned.

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Test to know which reading attracts you the most

We already know why it happened to us, that when we finish a book, we don’t know where to go next or how to focus on our next book and you can’t quite decide which one to replace it with, here is a test to help you keep your stack of books uncorrupted: it proposes a reading which will be just what you need at this time and you will have to run to get that book.

Seeing yourself reflected in a book can be fascinating, but it is not always easy to find the ideal. Sometimes we usually read one that is in style or that was recommended to us, but it simply does not captivate us, it does not hook us.

Discovering a book with which we feel identified gives wings to inspiration and imagination; it makes us remember good times and takes us back to places where we have been happy.

Bright Side set out to find different readings that fit various personalities and that will lead us to explore unimaginable worlds. Discover what will be the next book that will be part of your library.

When one gets emotional and experiences various sensations through a reading, it is because something that is being read points to a particular emotion that can be repeated and re-experienced.

This in a book can be something fascinating, but it is not always easy to find the ideal. Many times we usually read one that is in style or that was recommended to us, but it simply does not captivate us, it does not hook us.

Reading according to personality -Test

Discovering a book with which we feel identified gives wings to inspiration and imagination; it reminds us of good times and takes us back to places where we have been happy with other past readings.

It is worth noting that 3,5% of young readers opt for investigative journalism; In this category, men stand out notably (6%), tripling the proportion of women who read this genre, a trend that is accentuated in the elderly, reaching 8%.

This data is consistent with the fact that men are more interested in television programs with political and journalistic content than women, as evidenced.

It could be assumed that although more than half of the men choose fiction and literature, they show other literary preferences. To give an idea, they enjoy non-fiction: essays, biography, popular science and investigative journalism in a considerable proportion (28%) compared to women (9%), since they are focused on fiction.

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This data is consistent when the responses on television content are analysed: women watch programs linked to fiction while men consider other alternatives of general interest.


By reading the detailed statistics in this article, and having performed some of the tests exposed in the links, you should have reached a certain conclusion where you can assume yourself as a reader of a certain type of genre.

Thus, everyone understands that reading and its genres are a very extensive world and we believe that all published books will never be finished.

Without forcing ourselves to do so, reading what motivates us can be a good start to cover the literary quota we need in our lives to recreate worlds, get excited and enjoy reading a classic or contemporary car.

Authors and literary genres

For example, if we were to focus on Scientific Dissemination, we could name the works of Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Ernst Nagel, Douglas Hofstadter, Simon Singh, Stephen Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow, etc.

If we are interested in something more about philosophy: Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, Bertrand Russell, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche, Albert Camus, Baruch Spinoza, Zygmunt Bauman, Jesús Mosterín, etc.

What book should you read next? Every time you finish a book the same thing happens: that sadness, that anxiety, that disorientation. How to find a book to match the already finished one? Well, doing this Libropaths test will find the work you need at this very moment!

These titles focus on some essential things and they may not be the most bearable but they are really integral to the knowledge of human reasoning; many topics that come from the most classic questions such as Who am I, What am I, etc. And they come up with topics that become somewhat complex just reading once, because you need a little more time to process what you have read and understand it better.

We can also focus on the Literary novels of Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Gogol, Victor Hugo, Ivan Turgenev, Stendhal, etc. Knowing the individual as a social being, who needs company, invites you to raise many doubts that start as questions and end without absolute answers.

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The drama, the tragedy, is something so daily in our lives that we do not realize that we live it and we think that it is only in the letters.

There are many people who are passionate about and give more importance to history: Herodotus, Nicholas Goddrick Clarke, Leo Tolstoy, Stephen Dando Collins, Antony Beevor, Hannah Arendt. Ignoring history will simply make you repeat the same mistakes that they made. It gives you a more different perspective as long as you don’t just read an author and see that his work starts to have subjective judgments.

For those who are passionate about worlds beyond reality; science fiction can mobilize many sensations; Great authors are, for example: Isaac Asimov, Dan Simmons, Frank Herbert, Enrique Joven, Miguel Santander, Neil Stephenson, Robert L. Forward, etc.

This type of book usually emphasizes the treasure of imagination that is most likely already in us, and that only needs a trigger, it is one of the most human qualities that we can say defines us.

Many scientific theories have emerged from this genre and man! Who does not imagine humanity conquering the galaxy or achieving an intergalactic journey? Even this genre explores many human aspects that are somewhat involved with philosophy, and many disciplines of a scientific nature.

Science fiction is not about laser swords and intricate things that in the end end up counting for nothing, but rather, about the multiple qualities that make us human and that as such we dream of achieving.

A good option to know if you will dedicate time to the books that may attract you; This is an adequate way to find out through an online Test that will take you a few minutes and will make you discover if you are fascinated by literature or not.

Do it and discover a series of options within your tastes and literary genres.

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